Invite your friends and receive points

How does it work?

  1. Recommend Gamekit using the link above*
  2. Earn +3000 pts and +1000 exp when the person you invited receives their first order**
  3. Win Refferal Ranking: for each 100 pts gained by your friend on, you receive 1 RP (Ranking Point)


None of the people you invited have already received their order.

REMEMBER: while inviting friends, keep in mind that on Gamekit it is forbidden to have multiple accounts. Accounts which use the same connection or computer are considered multiple (including accounts of family members, flatmates etc).
* Promotion for +1000 exp applies to users whose recommended friends received the prize after October 23, 2018.
** It does not apply to orders made with bought points or promotional codes.

You can earn in ranking:

punkty dogry
1 miejsce
punkty dogry
2-10 miejsce
punkty dogry
11-50 places

Referral Ranking

Invite your friends and receive rewards

Week 20.01 - 26.01
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